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Clougile: Your Ideal Technology Companion

Clougile Technologies is a software development and a consultancy company based in southern and central India offering services in the area of web and mobile technology. We offer services like application development, quality assurance, research & development, cloud and agile methodologies, project management & software consultancy, maintenance, product engineering, staff augmentation and outsourcing. Our team of young, dynamic and experienced leads is always focused towards achieving a common goal of providing world-class solutions at the most reasonable price in the best possible time without compromising the quality.

Our Mission: Clougile aims at providing top class SaaS-based cloud and agile solutions to create a success story for each of our clients.

Our Vision: Clougile wants to keep innovating and become a leading IT services and consultancy provider with the pragmatic approach. And adding value to each of the software we develop, be it a short-term or long-term web, mobile or desktop application design/development.

Our main goal is to provide a quality service that is easy to use, robust and flexible in adopting new changes as and when required. Thus we use the agile technique in almost all of our projects with Software as a Service architecture. Creating success stories for us and our clients every time is what we aim at, hence we provide services on a wide and diversified range of technologies like PHP, Java, C, C++, Python, .Net, etc with frameworks and CMS tools like WordPress, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Laravel, Magento, Spring Boot, Hibernate, C#.Net, ASP.Net, MVC, Django, Selenium, Appium, etc.

We believe that no programming language is perfect or suitable for all the project requirements hence we keep doing R&D and always use the best and the most recommended coding standards with proper documentation and full attention to the requirement. Our detailed and process-oriented nature of work will ensure a clear understanding of the requirement and smooth timely deliveries. We sign NDA with our clients and never sell the source codes to third-parties or use it outside of legal premises for unlawful use or commercial benefits. Hence you can rest assured that all the intellectual property, original docs, and source code will remain a trade secret with us.

Why Clougile Technologies Pvt Ltd?

We know the importance of having an expert domain knowledge to cater the best development results. Our seasoned technical leads and our team of young, dynamic, talented and versatile team members are always ready for new challenges and to deliver them in-time with the expected results.

Every software evolves from an idea or a concept that can generate some revenue and create a success story. We help analyze those ideas/concepts and try to get them work in reality by picking the best and the most flexible architecture for the solution to start with considering its feasibility, flexibility, and scalability over the time.

We believe in transparency because we commit for only possible deadlines. To ensure everything is on track and documented properly we use project management tools like Jira, Mantis Bugtracker, Basecamp, etc., and to track timesheet we use Hubstaff, Upwork, etc. We ensure that all our leads and team members follow all the rules and thus maintain proper documentation for the scope of requirement, change logs and other relevant information. Documentation helps everybody to focus on a common goal thus ensuring accurate implementation.

UX and UI of your application, be it a website or mobile app, is the most important thing because that is what your end-users will see and use. To meet this primary need we design elegant and easy to use applications, we also consider several user experiences and user acceptance tests to ensure the usability Having said that, a good design alone cannot ensure a smooth functioning app, hence we opt for the most suitable back-end framework to meet especially your requirements. An app with great design and a robust back-end will always ensure a better lead generation and good conversion rates too.

Our team of expert Quality Assurance will ensure that the delivered software (web and/or mobile) is bug-free and also outperforms on all the basic testing parameters to ensure smooth functionality. We do manual as well as automated testing of the apps. Our testers are bug freaks they just love to find bugs and our developers love to make their task even more difficult. It’s an individual game for developers and tester but they work with a great team effort.

Conceptualizing an idea and investing on it is not a big deal for most of the people, but analyzing the market demand and doing several beta and A/B tests is very important to cater what your end-users demand. Creating MVPs (minimum viable products) is the best way to start with less risk and minimum investment. An MVP is a ground version of your original concept, it is useful to start testing market penetration as well as understand its growth, performance, and demand to enhance the features further to create a full-fledged application.

We basically work on two payment models: Hourly and Fixed budget.
1. An hourly budget gives you more flexibility in terms of managing the weekly/monthly time limits at the same time it gives you the flexibility to customize the requirements as we follow the agile methodology.
2. A fixed budget, on the other hand, gives you a clear idea of how much will it cost to develop a certain requirement and when will it be delivered. If there is any change in the requirement then the budget will also change, so the control will always be in your hand.

We believe in transparency and will never be afraid to suggest anything that will be useful for the success of your app or may cause problems in the future. Our policies strictly adhere each one of us to keep all the private data as confidential and we never use the source code for our personal benefits. All the credentials and docs shared over the period of development are kept as a trade-secret, and we insist our clients reset the credentials if they are not to be meant for our use anymore.

Still, have queries? Get in touch with us to explore our work, ethics, and culture.

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